Cotton Ginning

Started with 18 Gins and one Bale Pressing.

Later on increased to 12 Gins and one more Bale Press.

We have capacity to produce 300 bales of Cotton Lint/day.


We have two different units under this division with a total capacity of 84,600 spindles.

Unit-I: We produce 60,80,100 & 120 Combed Weaving Yarns

Unit-II: 32 Karded Weaving & 40Combed Weaving Yarns


We have started this unit in the year 2006 with a capacity of 24 brand new looms. We have increased the capacity in a phased manner. Now we have a total capacity of 120 looms with a Combination of Sulzer, Tsudakoma & Picanol. All are Brand New Looms. We are producing wider width fabrics as well as narrow width fabrics. We are Specialised in finer thread counts. We can produce from 200 to 1500 T.C.’s We can weave Satin, Percale, stripes, Twills & Dobby’s.

At present we are producing 100% Cotton Grey Fabric and exporting to all major European destinations.

We are very strong in finer thread counts like 500TC and above in Grey in all kinds of weaves.

Oil Division (Vegetable Oils)

Started with 100 tons capacity of Cotton Seed processing per day. Now we have touched 700 tons per day.

We are producing vegetable oil’s like Rice Bran, Sun Flower, Cotton Seed.

We are exporting Cotton Seed Linters, Hulls & De-oiled Cake

We are the highest Cotton Seed Processors in India since 1988.

We are getting highest cotton seed processors award from the Govt of India continuously since 1988.

Power (Hydel & Wind)

We have Hydel Power Plant with a capacity of 6.2 MVA

We have wind Power near Kanyakumari with a capacity of 9 MW

We have started another wind power plant near Ananthapur

With a capacity of 6.3 MW in the year 2017